who We ARE

Frustrated with content produced as an afterthought in the design process, we set up Tidy Content in 2016 to bridge the gap between digital agencies, marketers and businesses.

We combine our passion for thinking, designing and writing to help organisations put humans first in their content production process.


With a background in Philosophy and teaching, Adrián believes in the power of complex ideas made simple and clear. After obtaining an MA Arts Management, he brought his creativity to marketing roles first, and then more specifically to content writing.


He enjoys asking hard questions and working with clients to identify problems, helping them gain perspective and think strategically about their business and goals. He’s editor at Tidy Content, as well as the one responsible for the processes and workflows we use as a company due to his passion for strategic planning. 

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Nia started out in the content world as a freelance copywriter in 2012. But over the years, she realised that she was doing something different: every project started with who she was writing for and why. That’s when she discovered that what she was doing was called content design.


She is a self-confessed geek when it comes to working with content teams to design content that meets specific user needs. She's skilled at working to voice and style guidelines, pair writing with subject experts and leading critiques to make sure that content is accessible, clear and serves a purpose.

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Our values

A well-designed world is a better world: it’s not just neater but also friendlier, more accessible and helpful. It empowers and connects people, makes life easier and richer, and it’s a joy to interact with. And content is key to providing these enjoyable experiences.

Know your audience, place yourself in their shoes.


Be open, honest and transparent.


Create honest and collaborative relationships.


Be relevant, purposeful and thoughtful.


Do more with less.


Always grow, learn and explore.


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