Finding clarity for One Million Steps’ brand story

When we first met with One Million Steps (OMS) founder, Ranjit, we instantly fell in love with his idea and passion. At the heart of OMS is a million step challenge to raise funds for charity while encouraging people to form healthier habits, essentially walking 10,000 steps as part of their everyday routine. 


During our initial chat, we realised that the concept was quite difficult to explain in a concise pitch due to its many layers and audiences. As well as the challenge, there’s a pedometer and app, an integrated fundraising platform for charities, and even a health programme for businesses.


Our project objectives were clear: to work with Ranjit to develop a clear way of communicating his vision in a consistent voice, and produce website and brochure content.

finding clarity

At our discovery session, we questioned Ranjit to get the best possible understanding of what the idea was about, and figure out why it was so difficult to put into words. An important part of the problem was that there were three different audiences: individuals, charities and businesses. 


We looked into better defining the problems One Million Steps solved and the values behind it. This guided us in clarifying a narrative, and determining a consistent voice that would resonate with all three audiences. We then refreshed the website content and produced copy for two brochures, ensuring that information was benefit-led, clear and relevant to each audience.


The first national One Million Step challenge is set to launch in January 2020, and the website and brochures are currently in development. We’ll update this page with more information as soon as possible.

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