Designing user-led

content with Scope

Scope is the disability equality charity in England and Wales. They’re a strong community with a shared mission to achieve a society where all disabled people enjoy equality and fairness.

The web team were looking for content designers to help expand their website to provide more support for disabled people and parents of disabled children.


It was clear from forums and focus groups that people were searching for specific answers, and we’re now working with the team to create content that meets these needs.

Writing to user needs

Scope has a clear and thoughtful content design process to ensure that the information they provide is useful and helps solve problems. The process includes:


  • researching the problem (or need) identified at focus groups, the audience’s language and keywords they might use

  • pair writing with subject matter experts, testing assumptions and asking questions to gain a different perspective

  • structuring and writing content in plain English and to house guidelines

  • group critiques to discuss the content produced and ensure it’s accurate, aligned with guidelines and meets acceptance criteria


The content then goes through user testing before publishing, and you can follow Scope’s content team’s journey on Medium.

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