Put your customers first, and plan and produce content that communicates your brand’s vision and value with clarity, empathy and purpose.


Are you unsure where to start or what you need? Let’s find out together and create a plan before you make big changes and invest more resources. A consultancy session will give you the chance to: 


  • Discuss problems you find in your existing content

  • Chat about your new ideas to take your content further

  • Ask questions about anything from research and strategy to writing and publishing

  • Get recommendations to put your content to work


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Brand voice

Branding is so much more than visuals: it’s about the emotional connections, feelings and opinions  your audience form when they hear your brand’s name.


How you position yourself in your market, communicate your values and offer, and speak with your customers will be what differentiates you from your competitors. It’s about standing out to be visible in a busy marketplace. And telling your story in a clear, human way with an authentic and consistent voice.

  • Market research

  • Customer research

  • Brand positioning and messaging

  • Brand storytelling

  • Voice, tone and style development

  • Brand language

  • Usable voice and style guidelines

content strategy

Developing your content based on assumptions and guesswork alone can cost you time and money in the long term. Good content takes research, thinking, and planning - and putting your audience at its core.


Produce a simple, straightforward strategy that’s aligned with your in-house capabilities, gets everyone on the same page, and allows you to take your content forward with confidence. Get a better understanding of your audiences, what they value and need, and the language they use to provide them with the right information at the right time.

  • Content assessments

  • Content strategy

  • User and job stories

  • Journey and empathy mapping

  • Content planning and design

  • Planning workshops

Style guides

How you speak as a brand is just as important as what you say. A good content style guide makes sure that all of your communications are consistent and in line with your branding, from your website content to your tweets. Develop a usable, useful content style guide that’s easy to understand and put into practice, including:

  • your unique voice and how to adjust your tone

  • stylistic elements and editorial guidelines

  • the words, phrases and language you use

  • your wider messages and how you talk about your brand

Human-led content

How much of the content we interact with is useful to us? Irrelevant content is distracting at best and overwhelming at worst, and can impact your brand’s credibility.


Your website might be too big and messy, and you don’t know where to begin. Or perhaps your content production process is time-consuming and ineffective. Plan and write content aligned with your business goals and marketing efforts to engage, attract and retain customers online.

  • Pair writing with subject experts

  • Plain English writing and content accessibility

  • Writing to user needs and house guidelines

  • UX writing and microcopy

  • Leading content critiques

  • Copywriting, editing and proofreading

  • Content marketing writing

Training & Workshops

Equip yourself and your team with the practical know-how, tools and resources to get to the core of your content problems and find a solution. These informal sessions range from 1-hour sessions to full days, and include practical exercises and a wealth of resources for you to take away and put into action.


Align everyone on the organisation to be on the same page and promote consistent best practices, including:

  • writing clear, accessible content for the web

  • developing a brand voice, style and language that reflects your values and culture

  • finding your brand story

  • producing a content strategy that works for you

  • working with subject experts to design content that meets user needs


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