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Finding Quello's brand voice

Quello is the creation of biologist-come-wine expert, Roberta Sergio. After a decade working in the wine industry in London, Roberta was bored and disillusioned with the same old corporations, and their grapes and stuffy pretensions, monopolising the scene. Roberta decided to bring a diverse blend of grapes from her hometown in northern Italy to the UK and produce the world’s first sparkling wine in a can. Quello was born. As the product’s popularity grew, Roberta needed to strengthen her brand to produce content that reflected the rebellious personality and values behind the company to her customers.

The challenge

Wine-drinking comes with a pompous set of rules and customs, and we knew that wine in a can wasn’t for everyone. The idea would raise questions, and it was vital to communicate the benefits of the product loud and clear. No, the can doesn’t compromise the quality. Yes, the wine’s naturally fermented without artificial additives. Yes, cans are better for the environment than bottles. It wasn’t just the brand who would need to reassure customers, but also suppliers of Quello selling the product and its benefits.

The solution

Once we mapped out Quello’s target customers and their pain points, and got a better understanding of their position in the wine-drinking landscape, we could get into better defining the brand’s identity and messages. We wanted to reflect the rebellious nature of the company in the way they communicated: an easy-going, playful, and sometimes downright mischievous voice that could resonate with the young and young at heart. After that, we could then design the content for a brochure that would go out to suppliers and prospective stockists, highlighting the story and values behind the brand, and the benefits of stocking Quello. We included awards and features, and even a couple of Quello-based cocktail recipes to support bartenders, mixologists and suppliers to attract their customers to the product.

The result

When it came to brand awareness, we could see that Instagram was the place to be. The beautiful can design and quirky animated videos Roberta created were already going down a storm. But pushing your product day after day quickly becomes tedious for you and your followers. Thanks to the work we carried out, it was easier to plan and create content more thoughtfully. So we produced a social media campaign to expand on the brand’s values and story, focusing on what it meant to be a woman in the male-dominated wine industry, and having a load of fun along the way.


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