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On the patience of planting seeds

In these busy, noisy times, it can feel like every second of every minute of every hour needs to be filled with action or considered wasted.

As we become used to being pushed forward by the force of our hectic lives, we may begin to understand our worth in terms of productivity alone.

Continuously ticking away.

Keeping everything moving forward, towards some imaginary finish line.

Like productive task-doing machines, we expect instant results, swift and obvious progress, tangible outcomes in our daily interactions.

Immediate feedback that tells us we’re on the right track. 

Anything that gets in the way of us moving as quickly as possible feels like an obstacle designed to slow us down.

It can be frustrating when we don’t move at the pace we’d like.

But some things take time. And the most important ones involve bringing others with us.

And for that to happen, they need to see the value in joining us.

More often than not, and especially at work, giving direction can be a more subtle act than giving instructions. 

It involves sowing seeds with care, attention and intentionality, with the hope and conviction that we’ll see them take root and flourish when the time is right.

Trusting the process while knowing that the fruits of our effort won’t manifest overnight. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but eventually we’ll see the seeds of ideas and influence grow.

And then, one day, it happens.

We witness the moment of realisation in someone — the spark of understanding in their eyes when they finally get it. Or we may hear them repeat what we’ve said a thousand times before, and we realise the profound impact of our patient seed-planting efforts. 

A reminder that we hold more power that we think. 

That with open, honest and kind conversations, we slowly influence others’ thinking, shape perspectives and bring change through our words and actions.

Patience becomes not just a virtue but a strategy, a recognition that meaningful growth takes time. 

The harvest may not be immediate but every seed we plant today is a promise of a brighter tomorrow.

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