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Why Words Matter Newsletter Aug '20

Hi there,

As we roll into August, we hope you’re well and safe, and have a chance to switch off, relax and enjoy some sunshine.

As always, let’s jump straight into our resources for this month, and remember to let us know if you’d rather not receive our emails - we won’t take it personally!

  1. A new era for healthcare after Covid-19 - Nia Campbell and Adrián Ortega - Wales Cancer Alliance asked us to write an article about communication and health care, and that’s just what we did. We talk about our experiences of the health system and suggest that good communication in healthcare is the combination of empathy, delivery and timing.

  2. The rise of Oatley - @KevinLeeMe - an insightful Twitter thread that explores the rise of the Swedish oat milk brand, and how their creative direction, ‘the Oatley department of mind control’ and a single creative strategy document supported the brand’s valuation rise to $2billion.

  3. If a story moves you, act on it - Sisonke Msimang, TED Talk - the writer and activist explores the role of storytelling during a critical time when listening has been confused for action. Msimang asks us to switch off our phones, step away from our screens and step out into the real world to create a plan for justice.

  4. How to sell benefits, not features - Hubspot - if there’s one thing many that global brands do well, it’s selling the benefits of their services and products, not just the features. This quick read explains how to differentiate between both to help you communicate the real value of what you do to your customers.

  5. Appy - a great resource of apps for everything from productivity tools to podcasting. Some of our personal favourites include:

  • Notion - a workspace for all your notes, wikis and tasks

  • Miro - a simple whiteboard tool which is great for online workshops

  • Error 404 - free images for extraordinary 404 messages

  • Really Good Emails - the best email designs in the universe

Have any interesting ideas or resources we can share or chat about? Just reply to this email to let us know!

Get in touch if we can help, and stay safe.

Nia and Adrián

Tidy Content

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