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Why Words Matter Newsletter Jan '20

Hi there!

2019 wasn't easy for many, but what year is anyway? As well as getting over some health hurdles thanks to the fantastic NHS, we had the opportunity to meet fascinating people doing great things, and work on great new projects with Scope and RNLI. We’re excited to think of what 2020 will bring, and wish you a happy, healthy and productive new year.

As a new year's resolution, we’d like to keep in touch and share interesting and useful articles and resources about content that may help you and your business.

Of course, if you rather not receive these, you can unsubscribe anytime on the link below - we won't take it personally.

Here are three of our favourite content resources from last year.

  • The Readability Guidelines - Collaborating with content people from across the globe, Sarah Richards from Content Design London led the development of a universal content style guide based on usability evidence that’s free for anyone to use. Easy to navigate, the wiki helps you improve your content and make it more accessible.

  • An interview with Jonathon Colman from Intercom - 3 minute read - An expert and advocate for the content strategy and design community, Jonathon talked to GatherContent about his current role in ContentOps, its challenges, and the company’s principles: start with why, strive for less, and don’t make me think.

  • Does the advertising industry have a moral responsibility? - 10 minute video - Last November, we had the chance to hear activist William Skeaping talk at Curio Conference about his work with Extinction Rebellion. In this video, he discusses brand storytelling, Generation Z, and advertising agency’s roles in climate change.

We enjoy talking about all things content and would love to include you in these conversations, so feel free to reply to this email and let us know your thoughts.

Talk to you soon!

Nia and Adrián

Tidy Content

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