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On life's footnotes

Life unfolds in a series of footnotes.

Subtle annotations we add to the margins of our existence with each experience and lesson learned: the whispers of wisdom, the echoes of laughter, the imprints of pain.

Often overlooked in the grand narrative, they shape the contours of our journey and add texture to our individual stories.

In the attempt to showcase a flawless picture of ourselves, it can be tempting to edit out the messy, unresolved aspects of our lives. Yet it’s in the unpolished footnotes that the richness of our experience lies. 

These footnotes are the threads that weave together who we really are, like a scrapbook.

Imperfect brushstrokes that create the artwork of our life. Reminders of our resilience and capacity for growth. Testaments to endurance, tenacity and the strength that emerges from facing adversity. 

Reading between the lines and acknowledging the value of our footnotes, we can find solace in the imperfect, the unedited and the unresolved. 

And appreciate the beauty of the incomplete, ever-evolving story that is our life. 

Our highlights

✍ Content design

Michelle Keller

Writing about death takes clarity and kindness, says Michelle. “I want to be clear and kind when creating content for our hospice families. I also don’t want to assume that I know what they think is clear and kind.”


Jenny H Winfield

“When your culture prioritises speed, it also deprioritises the critical development and interrogation of your learnings.” Great reflections on four major shifts Jenny has experienced in their research practice over the past few years. 

📣 Language

Nia Campbell, Content Design London

For the past year, Nia has supported a team at central government in considering its approach to the Welsh language. Here they share what they’ve learnt from testing Welsh content, and challenges they need to solve in the run-up to public beta.

🔮 Trends

Rob Whiting has put together a collection of resources to help provide more inclusive content in your product or service. Thanks, Rob!

💻 Digital

Sarah Lay

Sarah reflects on what happens when users have to do all of the hard work. “I want to recognise that this post reflects my personal experience, and my emotions. These are mine to own, but they are subjective. I recognise I am not the user, I am a user.”



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