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On the allure of newness

As the calendar turns its fresh page once again, the allure of newness takes hold. 

The excitement of the New Year: the lure of the unknown, its promises of unexplored territories and untapped potential. 

A blank slate full of possibilities, another chance to dream big and create something novel.

But set against this, the backdrop of our real, messy, imperfect lives. The clutter of yesterday and the paths well-trodden hold lessons that are just as valuable as the terrain ahead.

In the pursuit of the new, we risk overlooking the things we already have. And forgetting to tend to the gardens we've cultivated over time

The relationships, the routines, the well-worn habits — the foundations that provide sense and direction, purpose and meaning to our lives.

The pressure of perfection can become intense at this time of year.

Let's not allow the allure of newness to overshadow the importance of what already exists, and complement it instead. 

As we start on the adventure of a new year, may we carry forward the richness and wisdom of our past while remaining open to the wonders of the unknown.

Cherising both the old behind us and the new ahead.

Our highlights

✍ Content design

The UX Content Collective

A brilliant list of content-related articles if you’re looking for inspiration and to hone your skills this year. 


Ben Holliday

Adding to their previous mantra of ‘keep going’, Ben Holliday explains how holding our responsibilities lightly means knowing how to let go, and how to accept the progress we’re making (or not). 

📣 Language

Anna Potapova and Arnaud Frattini

Surveying 40 content professionals in China, the authors aim to answer an important question: if content design is as crucial to user experience as we believe, how is it possible to build China’s “digital paradise” without it?

🔮 Trends

Jason Cohen

MVPs are too M and rarely V, Jason Cohen argues. Believing MVPs are ‘selfish acts’, they build the case for an alternative: simple, lovable and complete (SLC). (Via Vicky Teinaki’s wonderful newsletter)

💻 Digital

Lili Yu, Psyche Magazine

Using eye tracking and brain imaging to study reading across different languages and writing systems, psychology lecturer Lili Yu looks at why we absorb information less well when reading on screens. 



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