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On standing still

The idea of stillness can be counterintuitive. 

We seem to think that constant movement, doing as much as possible at the same time, is essential to being productive and accomplished. It takes a certain courage to stop everything and embrace a moment’s pause amidst the chaos.

As the world ceaselessly spins with information, events, and opportunities, the fear of missing out becomes a pervasive undercurrent. Just the idea of pausing to fully immerse ourselves in a singular place, path or activity can bring about anxiety for all of the other possibilities passing us by. 

But stillness isn't stagnation. Accepting the continuing motion around us while standing still is an act of self-awareness.

Paradoxically, it amplifies our focus. 

Letting go of the fear of missing out and consciously slowing down, we direct our energy and attention towards a single task. When we stand still and focus on one thing, we open ourselves to a world of possibilities, unburdened by the relentless pursuit of everything, everywhere, all at once.

Rather than surrendering to inertia, stillness becomes a source of strength - allowing us to recharge, recalibrate, and approach our pursuits with renewed vigor.

Stillness is then a full commitment to the present moment - a deliberate choice to embrace it and thrive. 

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