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On the stories we tell

Our world is a web of stories; strung together, tangled, knotted, crisscrossing continents, generations, centuries, millennia. Extending, never ending. Capturing and connecting experiences and knowledge.

Throughout history, they’ve been our tools to produce, communicate and preserve value and knowledge: wisdom and know-hows in the form of myths and traditions that might otherwise have been lost. Teach lessons and give warnings essential to cohesion and survival. Shape social and political systems. Challenge beliefs and inspire change.

It’s the stories we tell about ourselves and our lives that make us who we are. Help us make sense of the reality around us and our place in it. And make us relatable and accessible to others, tying us together as we open ourselves to them, share ourselves and our complex ideas and emotions.

Through stories we understand and empathise with others, their experiences and perspectives.

Connect to each other, and learn more about ourselves in return.

One or a thousand, true or imaginary, to be human is to tell stories.

Because in the end, as Margaret Atwood says, we’re all just stories.

Our highlights

💡Content design

Nia Campbell

Join the next Content Teatime about death and bereavement where - among some great people - Nia will talk about her experiences as a carer after working at Marie Curie during the pandemic, and the things you learn when you become your user.

✍ Writing

Autumn Kotsiuba, Medium

Tiny tweaks can make a big difference. When Google changed a call-to-action (CTA) on their hotels page from ‘Book a room’ to ‘Check availability’, they saw a 17% growth in clicks. Autumn shares four quick and simple rules for writing good CTAs.

📣 Language

Bryony Shannon

Challenging jargons and labels, Bryony reflects on why the word ‘belonging’ encapsulates social care and shares ideas for using more inclusive language.

🔮 Trends

Serena Smith, Dazed

A humorous look at wordplay and how the internet has made UK English slangier than ever before.

💻 Digital

George Alliger, Psyche

A long read that explores how we’ve gotten to the point where we’re not only watched in more places, but monitored more often in everyday life.



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