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Why Words Matter Newsletter Dec '20

Hi there!

Well, that was fast.

Just like that, 2020 is almost over. Will we be glad to see the back of these ‘unprecedented times’ and find out exactly what a ‘new normal’ looks like next year? Buzzwords aside, it’s been one heck of a year, and we hope you’re doing as good as possible.

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And let’s jump straight in!

1. How ‘woke’ became the word of our era - Kenya Hunt, The Guardian - Woke this and woke that. The term “woke” is everywhere lately, isn’t it? The world seems to have finally woken to something this year: what is it? what does it mean? where is it going? Hunt explores this notion here after the word hit the mainstream public discourse in 2020.

2. No such thing as a fresh start - Oliver Burkman, The Imperfectionist - A lovely thought piece about fresh-startism, tiny goals and how incremental progress involves a willingness to resign yourself to the fact that things probably won't pan out quite as you'd hoped.

3. How to be at home - Tanya Davis and Andrea Dorfman, YouTube - A follow-up to their 2010 audiovisual poem, How to be alone, Davis and Dorfman created a melding of stop-motion and illustration to poetically reflect on life in lockdown, and the isolation we've endured to show us we're not alone.

4. The importance of content in 2020 - Verb Business - Content is still becoming more important for most brands and businesses by the year, and even a necessity. This article looks at how - as a marketing activity - the right content helps you increase brand awareness, improve your SEO, showcase your expertise, and ultimately build better relationships with your customers. Though we’d add that it’s key to bear in mind that the “right” content means what’s right for them.

5. Why your designer won’t make the logo bigger - Reinoud Schuijers, UX Design - Good design does not simply look good: there’s a purpose behind every aspect of it. Schuijers shows here that good design isn’t just a matter of tastes and likes, but the result of rational thinking, debate and logic.

Anything you liked or hated? Found anything interesting you’d like to share with us? Want to chat about business, content, writing, or anything at all? Just reply to this email and let us know!

Otherwise, read you again next year (yeah, we said it) and stay safe over the festive season!

Nia and Adrián

Tidy Content

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