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Why Words Matter Newsletter Oct '20

Hi there,

How’s October looking for you? Hope everything’s well, despite the unsettling thought that Christmas is just around the corner!

Let’s jump straight into our links for this month, but remember to let us know if you’d rather not receive our emails - we won’t take it personally!

Stories explain and connect us. They give us purpose and meaning, individually and as a society. But since the 2008 crisis, we’re still lacking a story to move forward according to Monbiot in his talk at last year’s TEDSummit. So much has changed since then, and shaping a unifying new narrative for the society we want is becoming more urgent and necessary than ever. 2. David Dylan Thomas: Design for Cognitive Bias - Content Strategy Podcast

As much as we like to think of ourselves as rational, we all have unconscious biases that can undermine our decision-making. How can design help minimise them? Author and content strategist, David Dylan Thomas talks about his recently published book, Designing for Cognitive Bias and how we can tame those unconscious biases.

3. Beside the point: A history of punctuation - Aeon Punctuation is dead – or is it? As social media and text messaging increasingly becomes the main communication channels for younger generations, there’s a lot of debate about how they dislike and distrust punctuation. In this article, Florence Hazrat looks at the messy history of punctuation, and how the simple coma, full stop, exclamation and question mark have been adopted and discarded by different political and literary movements.

Content design helps us write for our users and customers, and meet their real-life needs. The Co-op team has created an easy-to-follow guide that puts people at the heart of their writing. We just love seeing big brands sharing their content design principles!

5. Tools and resources for naming things - Onym Though we don’t often talk about it, naming is important yet challenging. A name can make or break your company or product. And though a brand might change their logo, colours or messaging, they don’t often change their name. Onym has pulled together a great list of resources about naming, including word and terminology tools, guides, and success and failure stories from the world’s biggest brands.

Have you come across any interesting links you’d like to share? Just reply to this email and let us know!

Get in touch if we can help, and stay safe!

Nia and Adrián

Tidy Content

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